Step 1:  Unlock your iPhone so that you can see the icons on the screen.
Step 2:  Look for your Settings icon. Click on it to start.
Step 3:  Look for the icon labeled Mail,Contacts, Calendars.
Step 4:  Next, click on Add Account. It will be near the top of the screen in the section labeled "Accounts".
Step 5:  Choose Other in order to add your Well Water Design hosted email account.
Step 7:  You will see yet another option that asks you to Add Mail Account. Click on this option to proceed.

Step 8:  You will then be asked to fill in the information for your email account. This includes your name, your email address, password and a description of the mail account.

Step 9:  After you fill in each section for the incoming and outgoing server, your phone will attempt to verify the server. If you see this warning, please click on Details. You will then see the details for the certificate in use. Make sure to select to trust the certificate. The certificate is a self-signed certificate used by email server. The certificate information should show that it is coming from your mail server. If it is, then click the options to trust the certificate and then your iPhone will be able to confirm the server.

Step 10:  You will briefly see a screen checking off everything for the email account followed by a screen which has sliders for enabling Mail and Notes. At the top of the screen will be options to Cancel or Save. Click on Save to proceed with adding your email account.

Congratulations, you have completed the configuration of email for your iPhone! Note that this applies to both IMAP or POP3 protocols. When you have completed the email setup, return to the main screen of your iPhone and click on the Mail icon. You will see the account in the Mail-boxes section listed by your email description.

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