1. When you open outlook 2007 for the first time you are prompted with a setup wizard. (If not the first time you can go to tools then account settings and choose the email tab then click New...)

2. Select to manually configure settings.

3. Choose Internet E-Mail.

5. Fill in your User Information

6. For your Server information Select IMAP for Account Type and both your incoming and outgoing should both be set to mail.Your-domain.com

7. For Logon Information your username will be your whole email address and your password will be the password you setup with your email account. 

8. Click the More Settings Button, then click on the Outgoing Server Tab. Require Authentication and Log on using the same information as your incoming server.

9. Click the Advanced Tab and changed the outgoing server to port 26. Click Ok. 

10. And you are now ready to Roll 

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