1. Go to File > Add Account and you will be prompted with an account wizard. Fill in your Name, Email address and password.

2. Choose IMAP and fill in the following information:
Incoming Mail Server- Mail.yourdomain.com
Username- Full Email address
Password- Password.
Click continue.

3. Fill in the following information:
Outgoing mail server: Mail.yourdomain.com
Check Use Authentication (should auto fill the rest of the fields)
Click Continue.

4. Review the Information for accuracy and click Create.

5. Go to your Preferences click on accounts tab then click on advanced.
Un-check the "Use SSL" box this will automatically change your port to the correct port.

6. Go back to the account information tab and click on the Outgoing mail servers drop down and click edit server list. Click on the advanced Tab and Use the custom port of 26 and disable SSL. Click OK and save your settings and you should be good to go!

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