Introducing ChurchCare+

ChurchCare+ is a recurring dedicated support service designed exclusively for churches of all phases and sizes, providing comprehensive technology, media and administrative assistance. At Well Water Design, we understand the unique challenges churches face, from volunteer limitations to budget constraints and time restrictions. With ChurchCare+, we offer professional guidance, expertise, and comprehensive support tailored to your specific needs.


ChurchCare+ is designed to be accessible and affordable, providing all the services shown below (and more) at a fraction of the cost of hiring dedicated staff or relying on limited volunteers. With ChurchCare+, you will have access to the same dedicated remote Technology Consultant for up to 8 hours each month. We understand the importance of balancing your resources while maintaining an impactful online ministry. Our goal is to maximize your allotted 8 hours to address your technology, media or admin needs, ensuring that you receive the support you need within your budget constraints. With ChurchCare+, you can make the most of your resources and focus more on what matters the most – nurturing your congregation and reaching your community with the gospel.

Priority One Support:
Experience our exclusive Priority One Support service, ensuring swift response to any IT-related problems within 1 hour (M-F) via phone, text message, online chat, support ticketing, or FaceTime/Zoom. We handle website errors, software glitches, connectivity issues, email troubles, and general inquiries, allowing you to rely on our expertise and keep your technology running smoothly.

Administrative Support:
The Administrative Support component of ChurchCare+ simplifies church operations by managing essential administrative tasks. This includes maintaining a member database (ie. Planning Center), managing documents, assisting the worship ministry with Planning Center admin items, etc. By taking care of these administrative responsibilities, we can help free up valuable time and resources, allowing your to concentrate on fostering better communication and engagement within your congregation.

Church Website TLC:
Receive dedicated high-level attention to your church website. We take care of routine updates, security enhancements, and content management, ensuring your website remains vibrant, secure, and up-to-date. If we’re building your website, expect a visually stunning and user-friendly platform that engages your congregation and local community.

Planning Center Assistance:
Benefit from specialized support for Planning Center, a powerful church management software. We help optimize and utilize Planning Center to streamline administrative tasks, enhance communication within your congregation, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Digital Strategy Boost:
Collaborate closely with us to elevate your online presence and align it with your church’s goals. Our Technology Consultant guides you in leveraging the latest digital tools to create an impactful online ministry. From optimizing your social media strategy to implementing effective email campaigns, we help you make the most of digital opportunities.

Additional Areas:
We are flexible and eager to address any other technology and media needs your church may have. Reach out to us, and we’ll develop a tailored solution just for you.



Our ChurchCare+ Technology Consultant brings 25+ years of specialized knowledge in serving churches in a broad range of areas. You can trust that your technology solutions will be tailored to enhance your ministry effectively and within your budget.

Peace of Mind:
ChurchCare+ offers consistent support, allowing you to focus on your core ministry responsibilities while we handle the technical aspects. We manage your website, hosting, email, podcasts, video streaming, and other IT needs, providing peace of mind and reliable expertise.

Save Time & Money:
By entrusting your website and IT needs to ChurchCare+, you save valuable time and resources. Allocate your time and budget to other important areas of your ministry, knowing that your technology and media support are in capable hands.

Contact Us Today:
To learn more about ChurchCare+ and how we can help support your ministry, please contact us today. Our team is ready to discuss your specific requirements and recommend a service option that fits your needs. Let Well Water Design & ChurchCare+ be your trusted partner in technology and media support, empowering your church’s mission and optimizing your online presence. Together, we can streamline operations, minimize time waste, and focus on what truly matters: helping others grow in Christ, serving your community, and pointing others to Jesus.



Meet Your Dedicated Technology Consultant:

Meet Rob Loomis, a dedicated customer service professional with a deep passion for serving the local church community. With over 25 years of experience in customer service and support, Rob has established himself as a trusted advisor and an invaluable resource for churches seeking assistance.

Rob’s journey has been a diverse one, encompassing roles as an ordained pastor, elder, worship leader, and technology leader/consultant within churches. Simultaneously, he has successfully managed his own web design and hosting business, allowing him to bring a unique blend of expertise to his clients.

As a business owner, Rob’s client-focused approach is at the core of his service philosophy. His extensive experience in customer service, product training, and support enables him to address the specific needs of churches and ministries effectively. He thrives in innovative environments and is driven by the challenge of finding solutions to complex issues.

What sets Rob apart is his genuine care for people and his dedication to building lasting relationships. He finds immense joy in witnessing the “ah ha!” moments when clients discover the perfect solutions for their needs. Rob’s deep empathy and exceptional communication skills enable him to forge trusted connections, both with clients and internal teams, fostering an environment of collaboration and support.

Rob’s engagements are characterized by a hyper-focus on individual needs and a commitment to providing a positive experience. He consistently goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction, striving to exceed expectations. Known for his empathy and dedication, Rob is highly skilled at forging trusted relationships that extend beyond the surface level.

When you work with Rob, you can expect unwavering support, technical expertise, and a genuine commitment to your success. Whether it’s assisting with technology integration, providing guidance for ministry initiatives, or addressing any customer service needs, Rob is there to help guide you every step of the way.

Join the growing list of churches and ministries that have benefited from Rob’s expertise and personalized approach. Experience the difference of working with a dedicated technology and media professional who truly understands your unique challenges and is dedicated to helping you thrive.


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