We use IP blocking on our server firewall.  This is done as a security measure to prevent hacking attempts (by humans or bots) on our client hosting accounts. If our firewall detects suspicious activity, it will automatically block the offending IP address to ward off a potential attack.

IP addresses may be blocked for any of the following reasons:

  • Multiple attempts to login to hosting accounts or email using incorrect credentials
  • Sending or receiving large volumes of email
  • Attempts to publish via FTP or SFTP using incorrect credentials

The system is very effective and does a outstanding job of safeguarding our hosting accounts.  With that said, on occasion the system may inadvertently block your work/home IP addresses (awlays due to one of the reasons above) and prevent you from accessing your site and email.

The first thing you will want to do is confirm if your website is down for just you or for everyone else as well. You can check this by visiting http://www.isup.me.  If that site suggests that your website is only down for you, then an IP block has likely taken effect.  

Request an IP block be lifted
To have an IP block lifted, please open a new support ticket at the link below:


In your support ticket, please request that you want an IP block lifted. You also must indicate in your support ticket what your current IP address is. If you don’t know what you IP address is, visit http://www.whatsmyip.org to get your IP address.

Important Note
Unblocked IP addresses will not be removed from the list of blocked IP addresses permanently. If our firewall continues to see suspicious activity, it will re-block the offending IP address again in future. To avoid having your IP blocked, ensure that you use the correct settings and credentials all of the services that you use with us (email, FTP. account logins, etc).

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